The Idea of Unity

Edward Merkus
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Possession by the Idea of Unity.PDF
The Idea of Unity in Ancient Egypt.PDF

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We display creative work in various media. These include Painting, Photography, Computer Generated Images, Poetry, Short Stories, Short Movies and Architecture. The works presented here have a solid foundation of study and research behind them, which reinforces the meaning of the work.

Arc-Design provides a unique Design Service for homes. In addition to the traditional architectural role of planning, documenting and construction, we provide a unique look into the background of the building design process through its symbolic manifestation. For example, the kitchen, where raw food is transformed into something edible, also represents an inner character. Families are by nature arranged in mythological patterns and this pattern can be reflected in the design of a home.

A Note about the Director

Edward Merkus is an Artist with a Degree in Architecture from NSWIT (now UTS) and has studied privately in various fields. Some of the works presented at this web site are signposts along his journey. Edward encourages others to find themselves through the arts.

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