Eddie was born in Sydney Australia to Dutch immigrants and began painting as a young teenager, which he continued throughout his life. He lived in The Netherlands for two years and gained a taste for the extreme sport of skydiving. Back in Australia, he continued skydiving and added scuba diving, skiing to his extreme sports, which complimented his studies in architecture and fine art from which he gained a Bachelor of Architecture. Eddie was interested in finding the true nature of art and its opposite science and studied psychology and philosophy in his spare time, which gave him an alterative viewpoint to his creative and sporting interests.

After 502 jumps and a narrow escape, Eddie ended skydiving and learned how to fly light aircraft and became a Private Pilot, which he equated to “armchair skydiving”. He built an architectural practice offering services in housing, educational and commercial projects. He realised he had to sacrifice his free, easy and exciting life, for a stable family life that complimented his free spirit. He married, had children, designed and built a unique house Southwest of Sydney. He always had a natural inclination towards art, dreams and the unconscious in general and journeyed deep into this mysterious world of ideas and characters. Eddie explored this inner world, documented some of the stages in paintings and brought together his findings in the form of a book called The Idea of Unity.

Eddie always knew that one had to live life while the body was young and robust, and reflect on life when older and is continuing his work with the myth making unconscious and expressing its treasures.