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Sink into me and feel
Your presence reflected
In vibrations that start
At the very centre of my being
Then swallow me and let me dive
Through your veins
To your core;
The very centre of your being.
Kiss my soul to yours
And watch their super nova
Expand out in its brilliance
To the edge of the universe.
Fold me against you forever
Knowing my embrace is eternal.



Emptiness thundered through cathedrals
Left vacant for an eternal winter,
An appropriate companion for the silence
Skulking in random icy shadows.
Gloom drooled over the frosty facades
And oozed around ancient tired edifices
Who shivered in their final death-throes
Before their last breath is siphoned
Out into the oblivious but waiting universe.
A single and solitary thought wanders
Through the empty and silent halls
Ceaselessly searching for a simple
Hint of colour to fall through breathless air.
A sepia spectre trapped in time both
A mere instant that also spans eons
Knowing that eventually hope will dare
To cross these blanched boundaries
And bleed life into two dimensional madness.
Shivers of anticipation send dust motes
Clamouring for space in narrow sunbeams
That slither stealthily through unsuspecting
Cracks grown tired of static suspension.
Warmth trails its pale promising fingers
Over gaunt and hungry features whose
Soundless inhalation is turgid with tension
Until its exhalation can burst forth
In an ecstatic explosion of devouring rainbows.



And as time stood still
In the middle of nowhere
A thought hovered tremorously
Eager for a vacancy to fill.
It holds the universe and eternity
As a pinprick in the heavens
So close to extinction
It borders on invisibility.
A thought that explores the realms
Of a world that expands inward
Creating ideas that are reborn
Even as death overwhelms.
A death whose evolution
Is directed by indifferent saviours
Moving towards it’s climax
And a new revolution.
It follows an unknown direction
As it disappears into obscurity
And the landscape shifts
Beneath a fresh resurrection.



Different faces
For different places.
Different masks,
For different faces.
A separate ear
For every sound we hear.
Endless eyes searching
For each fear.
Faces slip
Facades rip,
And through these cracks
Our souls drip.

On visiting the psychiatrist
I became even more confused.
My addled brains couldn't keep up
With who was the abuser or abused.

"You have a problem with authority"
Which is no news to me
But as a grown woman
Haven't I a right to be free?

"You need anti depressents"
Oh  yeah!  Says who?
Does that fix my current problems
Or just make me think they do?

"You drink too much alchohol".
So would you
If you had my life.
When did you turn down a scotch or two?

"You smoke too much pot".
Well, so what?
Are your anti depressents and better? -
That's right, your 'authority' - I forgot.

"If it's so bad then leave".
How can you be so flippant?
If you were in my shoes
I bet you'd think different.

Well so much for that.
Guess I'll just struggle on
And one day find an answer.
If I'm lucky I'll live that long.

J. Wright (August 1997)

I awake
And it is so real.
Touch, sound and sight
And even emotions feel
As if I'm there.

I fear
My dreams may spill
Over into this reality
As if it was meant to fill
A void left vacant.

I shudder
To think of dreams that unfold
Into the here and now
Leaves me shaking and cold
With new nightmares.

I ask
Each night for a dreamless sleep
And am never more happy
Than to wake from deep
And dark oblivion.

 J Wright (January 1999)

I am complete within myself
I feel happy inside and out.
I can give of myself to others
And this day starts without doubt.

Today I am on top of the world.
I am eager for it to begin.
Whatever challenges are thrown my way
I know in my heart I can win.

I revel in new experiences.
The world I want to learn.
I wish to confront my existence
And every which way it will turn.

I hunger for any knowledge
To be faced with fresh ideas
And to accept and understand
Without any engrained fears.

I must soak in life's wonders -
To grasp, to exalt, to inhale
And if I can't do this
I feel in some way I fail.

 J.Wright ( September 1999)

i want
all so

how did i never see
how much i care
for me
i thought i gave
of myself to
only if i want
only if
people give back
make me feel better
look better

i wish to give
with no account
to mend
to heal
i want to live
to others
no thought of

still i want

 J.Wright (March 1999)

I feel troubled
I feel sad
I feel
          . . .  adrift.

I search always
And cannot find "it" -
Small wonder when
I can't name what "it" is.

My brain is over bright
Full of light
Stared at a naked bulb too long.

I search always
For a missing puzzle piece,
For the riddle to the answer,
An elusive adjective even.

The forest is in gloom
Full of doom
Too many trees to see just one.

I want . . .
                 I want . . .
                                 I want . . .

I don't know!

Yes I do!
I want beauty.
I want peace.
I want love.
And I want a comfortable silence
But these are as transient
As the "thing" I search for.

J.Wright ( January 2000)

I saw
And stretched to touch it
But it was always ahead
Out of reach.

I heard
A whisper of sound
But when I stopped to listen
It was gone.

I could smell
Things exotic and sweet
But when I put it to my tongue
There was no taste.

Dancing in circles around me
Were my hopes, wishes and dreams
Teasing and taunting,
Hysterical laughter echoing
As life exacted its fee.

Rainbows shattered and fell
In shards that sliced through
Entwining coloured threads
And all the while in the distance
Was the tolling of a bell.

Gleaming silver bands
Slid sinuously to embrace me
But when I tested their worth
I found them as elusive to hold
As water in my hands.

I spin a single golden thread
That creates a ring around the chaos
Spiralling ever upwards and closer
It gains its strength from the
Surrogate dreams it has been fed.

 J.Wright (February 2000)

Come child,
Come dance with me
In silken silver
Across cloudless skies.

Come child,
Come bathe with me
In honey moonbeams
Amidst languid seas.

Come woman,
Come delve with me
Down ancient roads
Deep in knowledge.

Share woman
My every desire
Hungry ever for power
To engulf in my cold fire.

Take woman
What has always been thine.
Be greedy, be selfish
And see thy true design.

Then give woman
Give thy new found light
Make sure your sisters
Share in thy delight.

J. Wright ( April 2000)

high above trees
cascades of music
tinkle in waterfalls
bursting into stardust
petals that scatter
across green spreading
to a splash of blue
reflecting the skies with
clouds of patchwork
knit to coloured squares
travelling hills undulate
to seas of foam
floating heavenward
between golden beams
that flicker rainbow
colours always
across Her face

 J. Wright (July 2000)

He ran with her
Below the moon
And he cast shadows
Through her mind
That danced her to his tune.

He hunted her essence
To her ruin
And he caught her
In his limbs
As she slept to his tune.

Beneath his shelter,
Ready to wake soon,
She lay tenderly
As he wove his magic
To create her own tune.

She holds her babe
And to him she will croon
Of distant memories
And feelings remembered
To a half forgotten tune.

Silent he watches
Hidden in shadows of the moon
To enjoy their life dance
That unfolds slowly
In rhythm to his tune.

J.Wright (January 2000)

I dreamt of you
 When the earth was young.
I recognised you before
The first song was sung.

I walked with you
Beneath chaotic skies
And watched with you
The very first sunrise.

I travelled many roads,
Passed through numerous lives
And still I knew you
No matter what your disguise.

I have met you
In uncertain futures
With a connection
That always endures.

We enjoy our evolution,
Our strength and our freedom
And look forward eagerly
To what we may become.

J.Wright (May 2000)

One heart beating
To a melody of joy
The other lamenting
In time to a dirge
That pains to listen.

A plethora of coloured prisms
Coruscate the heavens
And down below
Sorrow swirls with
Blossoming black and grey.

Wings struggle ever upwards
Reaching toward open skies
While bands of invisible steel
Clamp to a shackled soul
Lost in depths of despair.

Holding a static pattern
Forever frozen in time
Straining and yearning
To reach divinity
Yet afraid to break free.

Without the one
I have no other.

J.Wright (June 2000)

Soft and tender
Falling through air
Like wind blown leaves
Without a care.

A caress that lingers
With eons of expression
Full of silent words
If they but listen.

Lips like flower petals
Sun-warmed and sweet
Taste of lust's nectar
Penetrating and deep.

Soft sighs of pleasure
Hang balanced in space
Suspended indefinately
With infinite grace.

Shades and shifts of colour
Behind closed lids
Following their pleasure
Where passions bid.

Soaring on high
With wings to inspire
Life is suddenly small
Compared to desire.

Then floating to earth
With senses sedated
Cool air like sweet music
After a storm abated.

Then time starts anew
Discovering once more
All those things
They know from before.

J.Wright (September 1995)

The song of the sea
Moaned in vacant background,
Mirroring vacuum thoughts,
Ones that went round and round.

Lost in memories
Of forgotten time.
Happy and lonely
And often sublime.

Time that was unmeasured
And totally unseen,
Except in the mind's eye -
Things that might have been.

The sound of the wind
Changed to a gale,
Whipping drifting hair,
Face lost in a veil.

The briney air
Mixed with salty tears,
Washing over hollow cheeks
And flooded fears.

The ocean beckoned
With whispering foam
And the crashing breakers
Were calling home.

The water engulfed
Flooding the soul,
Rocking to sleep
And filling the whole.

And nothing remained
Except empty footprints
And the ocean's spray
Wafting in muted effervescence.

J.Wright (November 1986)

I think that everywhere
I see your faces
It will be for the last time
Because of this I know that
I need not grieve for something
I can never lose.

I imagine that I can see
To the furtherest reaches
Of my innermost mind
But this is trivial
To all the heartache
I see everywhere every day.

I like the way you feel
Against my essential self
The way you reflect what
I give to you and the way
You give what you see
As a gift back to me.

I hate the illusion I use
To hide myself from me
So that when I am alone
I become lost within
The many circles that
I have walked in my searchings.

I understand that my needs
Are only small and fleeting
In this vast universe
But what it has to offer
Is as unique and individual
As each of us.

I believe that every dream
That I've ever had
Is a part of my reality
And somewhere somehow
Each realization will be
Strong enough to return to me.

I know that here and now
Is all I will ever have
Even though I long
For the very stars
But I hope that one day
My soul will venture that way.

J.Wright (September 2000)

The sky is endless and
The horizon limitless with
Vertigo a heady sensation
As walls of confinement
Around my mind disintegrate
Into fragments of oblivion.

I search for a centre in which
Both myself and the universe
Are integrated into one
To become as vast as an ocean
Yet shrink to minuscurity
Without fear of being swallowed into nothingness.

I wish to love without
Self imposition and diagnosis
To give of love because there
Is no other choice but just an
Instinctive reaction of an action
With that's just the way it is.

I would like to lose myself
So that when I find myself again
It is with a joyful recognition as
Two halves that join to make a whole
A reunion that will carry through
Into eternity.

J.Wright (October 2000)

Thoughts that drift
Zephyrs of feeling
Making a heart lift.

Then emotions stirred
To tempests of passion
With neither preferred.

Whirlpools of intensities
Down to be reborn
To higher complexities.

A yearning and an ache
Ever for close union
Of each to partake.

Infinity of endings
Capacity for beginning
and dreams
For the mending.

J.Wright (November 2000)

A blend of golden colours
Meets with hazy blue.
The sun on distant horizons
Bids the day adieu.

I do not see the splendour,
The beauty that surrounds me.
Tears blur my vision
For it is inside me that I see.

The moon sails above
Amid the starry sky,
But its warm glow
Is nothing but a lie.

An emptiness that is frightening
With loneliness beyond despair.
A self-pity that is too selfish
But I donít really care.

A cloud forms over head
Blocking the moonís false light.
The stars seem somehow dimmer,
Sparing with their light.

My mind walks the horizon
Balancing on the edge of time -
And as I slip slowly over
Peace is there, pure and sublime.

J.Wright (November 1986)