Conceptual Projects

Unity House- Concept House developing a language based on 'The Idea of Unity'

This is a concept house that distils an architectural language from the Idea of Unity. The four functions of earth (sensation), air (thinking), fire (intuition) and water (feeling) are united in the central spirit pool and sculpture of Mercury. The centre can only be perceived and experienced from inside the house.

The architectural plan is an abstract representation of a house viewed from above approximately 1 metre above the floor. As a floor plan is an abstract pattern of rooms, spaces etc., it has a direct relationship to mandala symbolism as a representation of an individual or family's personal development. This prototype uses associative methods to arrive at a suitable form and function. For example, fire is best represented by a space that has abundance of heat and light and as an intuitive function, a crystalline form. Similarly, air and thinking are represented by cubes that categorise ideas and reflect the surrounding air.

As a prototype, the house is a starting point for individuals and families that are interested in exploring their individual and collective unity.

Unity   Unity

Unity   Unity

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Three Bedroom Suburban House

This three bedroom house is designed for small lots of 390m2 or more with a road frontage of 13m and a family of four. It uses the same language as Unity House simplified for a single storey three bedroom house with central courtyard that can open to the external environment and be closed with glass folding doors and overhead electric louvres, making the space waterproof and airtight, yet letting in sunlight for warmth.

Front  NW

RearN  Centre

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Granny Flat

This simple flat for a couple is a 60m2* building with combined Living, Dining and Kitchen, large Bedroom with Walk-in robe and Bathroom with double shower, double basins, toilet and laundry. The external deck on the north side is partly shaded by an existing tree and new roof.

*60m2 is the maximum allowable size for a Granny Flat as per State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009

GrannyFlat   GrannyFlat

GrannyFlat   GrannyFlat

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Studio Flat
The proposed 35m2 Studio Flat would suite a single or newly married couple with combined Living, Dining and Kitchen, Walk thru Robe and combined bathroom and Laundry. This Studio has a private summer deck and main deck off the living space with access to North sun at the front and back above the kitchen. The back light well also provides flow through ventilation.

1  2

3  4

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